A Foolish Challenge Issued; Poorly Answered

As anyone who’s watched my Facebook feed for a day during the summer might know, I enjoy reading political opinion pieces. A good source of those? RealClearPolitics.

Today, they had links to Jonathan Alter’s column titled You Think Obama’s Been a Bad President? Prove It and the answer from Peter Wehner, You Want Proof Obama’s a Failure? Here It Is.


Alter’s challenge?

With foreign policy mostly off the table, hiring a Republican means buying his or her jobs plan. Firing Obama means rejecting where he has come down on big decisions. He and Romney will unveil their jobs plans in September. In the meantime, I’d like to hear from Democrats, Republicans and especially independents who voted for Obama the last time but have given up on him now. Why?

I’m relatively sure that Wehner did not vote for Obama. He also fails to answer Alter’s other questions.

What, specifically, would you have done differently to create jobs? And what can any of the current Republican candidates offer that would be an improvement on the employment front?

Instead of putting forth any ideas on how a Republican would be better, Wehner focuses solely on a very long, impressive and depressing list of economic indicators. He also compares Senator Obama’s and Candidate Obama’s statements to the record of President Obama. Really, Alter was asking a pretty foolish question. The economy sucks, has sucked and continues to suck. Obama has been in charge. Therefore, it must be his fault. Obama hasn’t done much to try and change this impression, either. Or he’s done all the wrong things.

Alter’s main goal was probably to persuade the left-leaning and undecided independents who are seriously considering voting against Obama in the next election that it hasn’t been all that bad. The Democrats will mostly vote for him anyway, because the alternative is much worse in their eyes. There are certainly quite a few undecided independents, according to the Pew Research poll that     came out yesterday.How Obama does against a generic Republican

Looking at the RCP poll averages, it’s interesting to note that right now, Obama actually polls worse against “generic Republican candidate” than he does against any of the leading GOP candidates. What that actually means for the election? Possibly nothing. Maybe a lack of interest in or enthusiasm for the field? Is it easier to vote against Obama than for another real candidate?

Maybe this is actually a common phenomenon that I’m oblivious to? I did find a journal article about Congressional races that found “generic candidate” against incumbent usually favors the incumbent because of name recognition, so that could be at play.



2 Responses to A Foolish Challenge Issued; Poorly Answered

  1. Big Brother Mike says:

    So that statistics chart tells me that those making over 75k more often don’t have a college degree. Seriously. Look at it. How crazy is that?

    • mfrench2014 says:

      Yeah, that must tell you something about the value of a college degree… Or possibly it’s got something to do with age – people right out of college (18-29) are more likely to vote for Obama (according to the poll) and they’re also probably making something below 75K.

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