Quick Thoughts on GOP Debate

1. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, people. Just ’cause you don’t like it… The government said: “Oh, we’ll set this money aside for when you retire! It will be separate from the general fund!” Then they spent it and wrote the Social Security fund an IOU. SS and Medicare will run out of money in 2038 and, if current law is not changed, benefits will automatically be cut by as much as 75 percent. Nobody wants that to happen. It’s only a lie if you make it a lie. The government is perfectly capable of fulfilling its current obligations, with some modifications. Perry better tone it down and start talking about fixing it rather than just getting rid of it. If they harp on this enough, Romney campaign has Florida in the bag.

2. Looks like it’s still a Romney v. Perry race right now. Bachmann did not impress with her babbling about immigration because it’s ridiculously hard to get into this country and get citizenship already. Herman Cain? 9 9 9? Erm. ‘Kay then. I’ll have to figure out what that’s all about.

3. I came in as the MSNBC coverage was switching over from the Rachel Maddow hosted panel to Chris Matthews. Maddow and co. were talking about policy (Social Security) – Chris Matthews is like, “Let’s get away from all this policy discussion, I think we’ve had enough of that.” Essentially: who cares? Let’s get back to classic horse race election coverage! Exactly what’s wrong with TV news coverage of politics.

See? Very quick. I was cooking dinner! Pork tenderloin and apples! I’m going to go watch it right now! MSNBS is re-running it.

Also, did you know MSNBC is a combo between Microsoft and NBC? You did? Ohhhh. Well.



One Response to Quick Thoughts on GOP Debate

  1. Big Brother Mike says:

    Lol MSNBC…..

    You’re 100% correct about the horse race coverage of politics. If they talked about policy they might have to actually work.

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