Considered, Thoughtful Thoughts about GOP Debate

First question: Is everybody wearing their flag pin? ‘Cause otherwise you’re anti-American. Scandalous! Ron Paul didn’t look to have one and neither did Mitt? Actually, none of the pins look like straight up American flags… Also, nice pink tie Rick Santorum.

Socialism/ist: only twice!

Perry is charismatic.

Romney says silly things about a tiny state (called Mass.) making more new jobs than the entire nation during a certain period.

Brian Williams rocks.

Romney makes an Al Gore reference (always good for some lulz, even though it never actually happened) while poking at Perry’s “Texas Miracle.”

Romney totally wins on Social Security. My dad loves Perry because he also thinks it’s a Ponzi scheme (which it is). I stand by my previous statements.

Did Santorum just say he’d support a corporate tax rate of 0 percent? Seriously? Well, he got a big round of applause…

Herman Cain. Big ideas, not so great ideas. 9 percent sales tax? Excuse me? On top of the state sales taxes? Hahaha, 10 percent tithe to the Church.

Huntsman tries to get back in the fray by pointing out how awesome his Utah record on jobs was. Appeals to his global experience – don’t know how that’s going to play with the conservative base. He speaks Mandarin! Cool.

Yeah, yeah, yeah repeal Obamacare. Bachmann brings up the separation of powers! Talks about doing repeal of legislation through strong Presidential leadership of Congress. Completely destroys her credibility by talking about 1950s immigration – all of those restrictions and requirements are still in place.

Newt Gingrich gets lots of mentions by the other candidates… kind of shows his age. He wants to time warp Reagan to the present because obviously he would fix all the problems ever. Gingrich also makes the first mention of socialist/ism as the problem with America under Obama. His best moment came when he smacked down the Politico co-host about getting the Republicans to bicker. Of course, it is a debate, right?

Romneycare comes up. Mitt does a pretty good job defending himself. Sort of. Still looks bad when almost everyone says “no” to the individual mandate question.

Ronald Reagan has been elevated to the level of a deity…

Perry uses a fancy word to describe white people. Nobody makes an especially compelling case on immigration. There are clearly differences over the fence issue v. reducing incentives. Ron Paul’s charm started to wear off for me at this point (I usually appreciate how principled he is) because he apparently wants to make it even more difficult to immigrate to the U.S. legally.

More ideas from Cain. The Chilean model on individual retirement account.

Perry: “Lots of people think we’re going to go into a recession, I hope we don’t.” <— Sure, just so long as it’s not too bad and you can fix it once you get elected.

Some differences on foreign policy? Huntsman and Paul look solidly in the withdrawal from overseas camp. Perry didn’t seem to give a clear answer. Why don’t the Republicans have a clear foreign policy? Bachmann raised the specter of a “global caliphate.” Santorum calls everybody else isolationist, says he’s closer to Reagan (the deity).

Huntsman believes in science. *tsktsk*

Perry doesn’t know any scientists. Fails to answer question. Galileo… Yep, Perry would be the Catholic Church in this comparison. Continues to fail to answer question about science. Just talks about Texas and how awesome it is.

Round of applause from the audience about the number of people on death row in Texas. Wow? Not very Christian? But alright. Perry does make sure to say its a state issue.

Ron Paul makes a defense of the compassion of libertarians.

Yeah, Perry and Romney still have all the momentum. If Perry doesn’t tone down the “end Social Security” rhetoric, Romney will beat him.


2 Responses to Considered, Thoughtful Thoughts about GOP Debate

  1. Big Brother Mike says:

    Mitt Perry are both right on Social Security, by way of answering different questions.

    Perry is right. It IS a ponzi scheme. At some point it will fail to support itself (only way it would work is for the population to never change).

    Mitt is correct millions of people aren’t going to say its a ponzi scheme because THEY ARE PROFITING FROM IT! I bet if mitt asked the majority of the US that is NOT on social security, he’d get a different answer.

    Typical politics, twist the facts to support outlandish statements.

  2. Alys says:

    It KILLS me when “pro-life” people support the death penalty. Just fess up and call yourself anti-choice already /endrant

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