Working on the Multimedia Project

The subject: Missouri Contemporary Ballet, a professional, not-for-profit ballet company.

The challenge: an audio slideshow with 25-30 good photos and a TV-style news video.

The problem: camera? What? DSLR? ISO? F-stop? Aperture? VIDEO CAMERAS!?!?

As previously mentioned, I have little familiarity with the technological instruments of multimedia reporting. But! I’ve already taken a bunch of pictures! I’m particularly proud of this.

Missouri Contemporary Ballet dancers rehearse for their Sept. 30 performance at the "Rock Against Rape" event.

Problem, though: it looks a little crooked? I straightened it by lining it up with the bottom of the mirror. The angle still makes it look a little off, though. So… We’ll see.

And this one! I actually just noticed that the girl in the center has her eyes closed… but it’s because she’s getting in the zone for her part! So I think that’s all right.

From left: Genene McGrath, Cassondra Roloff, Carrie Millikan and Elise Mosbacher of Missouri Contemporary Ballet rehearse at a studio on Orr Street in Columbia, Mo., on Sept. 1, 2011.

That one I’ll probably lighten up a bit more. I actually just went back today again and got some more photos, this time focusing on finding close-in, tight detail shots of interesting items that the “casual observer would not notice.”

So I got some really close in pictures of shoes, a sound system, people’s socks… you get the idea. I’ll probably be using this one of some ballet slippers.

Ballet slippers at the Orr Street studios of the Missouri Contemporary Ballet company in Columbia, Mo., on Friday, Sept. 9, 2011.

I feel like I’m making pretty good progress with using the camera. It certainly took me much less time this go around to set the different settings to work with the kind of weird lighting. Also, I used manual focusing for some of the more close in shots that I got because auto focus just went kind of crazy when I tried it.

I’m excited to be using the fancy audio Zoom H4n starting Monday. There’s lots of good ambient sound at the studio when the company rehearses and I’m looking forward to getting to interview some people more in-depth rather than just tossing in a question while they’re working every once in a while.

Still dreading the video camera part a bit, though.


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