Some Fun Romney-Perry Sniping

Gov. Rick Perry has changed his tone on Social Security, for sure. He refused to answer the straight-up, yes/no question from former Gov. Mitt Romney about whether he still thought Social Security was unconstitutional and should be turned over to the states. He did, however, state that he wouldn’t touch benefits for older people.

It made for a really good back-and-forth between Romney and Perry: I’ll try to find a video and embed it later.

Apparently the way most of the candidates want to fix Social Security is to let younger Americans opt out and get private accounts. Not sure how they then plan to fund the benefits for everyone else. Jon Huntsman brought up the Ryan Plan as a way to fix entitlements. Rick Santorum scored some points by bringing up his record on the issue of Social Security and then smirked.

At first, it sounded like Newt Gingrich was going to get away with implying that modernizing the government would completely eliminate the deficit, with Rick Perry agreeing. Thankfully Mitt Romney knocked that idea down.

On the economy, Huntsman described the economic crisis and high unemployment rate as “a human crisis” and “a great American tragedy.” He called for eliminating all loopholes and deductions, lowering rates and removing regulation. Most everyone agreed. Mitt Romney again pushed his idea of eliminating the capital gains tax for middle-income Americans: I have a few issues with that, primarily because I think it makes more sense for capital gains to be taxed at the same rate as income. It’s not like you work harder to get that money anyway – the lower rate on long term capital gains is why hedge fund managers make out like bandits. But I digress.

Rick Perry again can’t give a straight answer when asked by Wolf Blitzer about balancing tax cuts with spending cuts.

Michelle Bachmann counters her repetition of the “repealing Obamacare through Congress” talking point by also pushing the “blank check for Obama” fallacy. She may understand that legislation goes through Congress and that’s the way to fully eliminate Obamacare but she apparently doesn’t know that Congress, not the President, controls spending. Apparently Congress raising the debt limit to fund commitments made by Congress is writing the President a “blank check.”

Herman Cain makes a funny joke about how people tell him he doesn’t know how Washington works: “Of course I do. It doesn’t.”

A tense moment came when Bachmann basically accuses Perry of corruption for mandating the HPV vaccine for young girls and then receiving donations from the company that manufactures the vaccines. Perry says he’s “insulted” and… seems to imply that he could be bought for more than $5,000. He then claims to be the most “pro-life” governor… somewhat ironic considering the previous debate’s capital punishment issue.

Huntsman takes some snipes at both Romney (flip-flopping) and Perry (immigration), clearly trying to better position himself.

Foreign policy: Isolationist. Isolationist. War-mongering. Isolationist… More on how that’s shaping up later.


2 Responses to Some Fun Romney-Perry Sniping

  1. Alice Lee says:

    The only thing I really caught of the debate was of the crowd cheering for the uninsured to die…

  2. Alice Lee says:

    Also is it just me or are there a whole fricken lot of these debates? I mean, the next is in TEN DAYS. That is not enough time to sufficiently recover from this one.

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