The Prettiest Newspaper Site

I am enthralled by the beauty of the Boston Globe’s brand new website. Quite enamored, in fact.

It looks like this:

Wonderful, right? But it gets even better. The Globe website intelligently redesigns itself as you change the width of the window. Headlines shrink, pictures and videos get smaller, sidebar clutter disappears. Its like magic.

The WSJ and NYTimes sites in Firefox are clunky and outdated in comparison. They’re extremely static, dealing with a change in window sizes by letting you scroll side to side. Who wants to do that? Not me.

Now, the NYTimes is much more beautiful in Google’s Chrome browser as I learned from Andrew Gibson. I find it feels more like a newspaper and makes for a more enjoyable reading experience… but I still refuse to switch from Firefox.

Another wonderful thing about this new Boston Globe site? It’s identical on mobile devices!

The bad thing about the Boston Globe redesign? The only reason it happened is ’cause after Sept. 30 they’re putting up a paywall. $3.99/week for content. If I actually lived in Boston I might be willing to pay that. Maybe. But probably not. That’s the gamble papers take with paywalls and other online-revenue models – whether readers are going to be willing to invest and pay for quality journalism.

For now, I will just gaze happily at the new site and play with the window size… And get my news from the usual places for free.


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