Another one? Fox/Google debate in Florida

No, really, there’s another debate. In Florida. Between… well, that’s the thing. Nobody knows anything about this debate.

There’s no information about which candidates will be there. We do know who’s hosting: Bret Baier, Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly. We know there will be some questions from the public submitted on YouTube but which candidates will be there? The same ones as the other debates? Or will they spice it up and include folks like Buddy Roemer and Thaddeus McCotter?

I don’t know. Because that information is not easily accessible anywhere on the interwebs. I doubt it. Isn’t like the last Fox News debate was any more inclusive – they had the same people except substitute Pawlenty for Perry.

The debate’s on Thursday, Sept. 22. Some issues beyond the usual (jobs, economy, healthcare, entitlements, spending) that might come up: the UN vote on Palestinian statehood and Obama’s failure in foreign policy, Obama’s jobs plan and the deficit-reduction plan he unveils tomorrow in the Rose Garden… I looked for something interesting in the most popular questions but they’re all pretty typical.

Several about the sweet pension Congress people have going for themselves, some angsty Constitution ones, quite a few anti-illegal immigrant ones. You know, the usual.

I’d like to see more questions about foreign policy, personally.


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