Time to Pay Less Attention to Perry v. Romney…

…and more to the 2012 Senate races.

Sometime far off in the future, white Republican guy will face off against President Barack Obama. His chances of winning are fair, barring some huge scandal on either side or an economic miracle.

The Republicans will continue to control the House of Representatives. But can they capture the Senate? Considering the number of Democrats up for re-election versus the number of Republican seats… Well. If you’re an Independent favoring divided government or a Democrat cowering in fear at the prospect of a trifecta of Republican rulers – move up your plans to flee the country.

Wait now, what about the supermajority necessary to pass most bills in the Senate? Ah, well. That’s the true glory of the prospect of a Republican 51-49 majority. Budget reconciliation bills can be pushed through the Senate with a simple majority! Spending cuts for all!

It’s looking so grim, the Democrats are pinning their hopes on the Tea Party candidates beating more established, electable Republican candidates in the primaries.


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