Decisions, Decisions

Starting Fall 2010, instead of just picking one of six tracks, new journalism students at the University of Missouri had the option of picking one of 25 “interest areas” – including a “create your own” option.

I got that same awful feeling I get in the grocery store, when trying to choose between 27 different brands/sizes/types of pasta. Seriously! Why don’t they just have a cheap store brand and a classier brand? Do we really need the mid-level options in a college town? No. Because all the starving college students should automatically choose the cheapest available item. And the other people can just buy whatever. Why – wait. I’m about to go on a rant about food shopping… But what I need to be talking about…

It came down to Watchdog Journalism and Emerging Media. I really want to do the whole investigative journalism thing – because that’s the ultimate type of public-service journalism in my opinion – but I also want a background in different media formats. What can I say – I like writing and all those other formats. And I really want to learn how to do supercool interactive infographics and charts and normal infographics. I also want to take the Business Reporting course. Oooh! And the science journalism course sounds like fun, too!

Yeah. I have a list of all the journalism courses I want to take – it’s scary long. Unfortunately… they don’t let you take that many. It’s really, really sad.

So I decided on Watchdog because I can basically take all the classes I really wanted to take and they’ll fulfill the core requirements of the degree. It really helps that I learned you can take the beginning Convergence Reporting course and then the second-level Advanced Reporting course affiliated with the Missourian. Or the other way around.

I’ll be taking the Convergence Reporting course next semester and Advanced Reporting either in the summer or fall. Then I’ve got to deal with all the Political Science and Economics courses I want to take… Hopefully I’ll survive Convergence Reporting with 15 hours. I really want to get most of my general requirements out of the way. Indigenous Religions and cool looking literature course plus an economic and a political science course. Then there’s the seminar course on expansion of the European Union… Hmmmm.

Oh! And it really amuses me that they decided to split up the programs with fewer students into several different even smaller programs but just left Strategic Communication mostly alone – it’s just Strat Comm and International Strat Comm.


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