Cracking Down on OWS in Oakland, Atlanta, San Diego and Nashville

And the field day for conservative media continues. It’s Occupy Wall Street hunting season. Finally, at last, police have seen these rabid, deranged criminals for what they really are – a public menace.

With a cold front moving in and potential for as much as a foot of snow, the NYC government has removed fuel and generators from Zuccotti Park. A reporter for Fox 5 News was threatened by one protestor, clear evidence that these are “peaceful protestors” and not peaceful protestors. Police arrested the man, but who knows what’s next! Never you mind that John Huddy, the Fox reporter, said he doesn’t think the attack was representative of the movement.

Most of the folks I’ve dealt with have been accomodating. There is an element here that we’ve seen that has caused problems. Overall, it has been peaceful in the park.

Also, go Huddy for going live on air soon after being attacked. That’s what I call live TV poise.

The New York Daily News apparently also reported that there was a corner of Zuccotti Park protestors feared to go. This story, with anonymous police sources, was cited by USA Today but the link is broken and I couldn’t find the story on the paper’s website… Mysterious, no?

Never mind – there’s plenty more evidence of the degenerates in Zuccotti Park. They used to be paying homeless people to attend the Occupy Wall Street protest but now they’re going to change the menu from gourmet food to plain food to discourage freeloaders (read: homeless people).

For full, completely unbiased aggregation of the violence and awfulness of all the OWS protests across the United States, go to OWS Exposed. But do not, on any account, click through to the actual news story the snippets from unbiased bloggers are based on. There may be facts there that challenge the narrative we’re trying to build here.

While Bloomberg appears content to let the cold weather deal with protestors, other mayors are not so complacent.

In the breakup of Occupy Oakland on Tuesday, Oct. 25, a veteran of the Iraq War was critically injured. There’s been immense backlash over the use of tear gas and apparent use of rubber bullets – it’s against the Oakland Police Department’s policy to use rubber bullets but Mayor Jean Quan has said they’re investigating to see if there was a “disconnect.” The use of tear gas canisters was authorized when protestors began throwing bottles at police officers. Mother Jones has a detailed timeline of the events Tuesday.

In Atlanta, where they’re feeding the homeless and marching in solidarity with them instead of excluding them, the situation has eased after a reportedly calm and orderly roundup on Tuesday evening resulted in more than 50 arrests. The arrests came after multiple warning and exemptions from the Woodruff Park rules. Mayor Kasim Reed expressed concern after a man carrying an AK-47 was spotted at the protest. Although Occupy Atlanta protestors returned to Woodruff park on Friday, they planned to leave when the park closed – despite some internal dissent.

In San Diego, an either just as orderly roundup (according to the Los Angeles Times) or less orderly raid (according to the Digital Journal) took place in the predawn hours on Friday, Oct. 28. 51 people were arrested and the ACLU has asked that the charges be dropped. The San Diego City Beat has a news timeline of the raid and aftermath.

Nashville protestors were arrested near the state capitol for the second consecutive night last night. Gov. Bill Haslam imposed a nighttime curfew on the plaza the protestors have been camping at in an effort to disband them. After state troopers arrested the protestors, a night judge ordered them released – for the second time – and said he could “find no authority anywhere for anyone to authorize a curfew anywhere on Legislative Plaza.”

Of course, these cities taking action are the ones that make the news. There are plenty of local governments who’ve decided to leave the OWS folks alone.

Serious Aside: There have been serious assaults and threats of violence at various Occupy protests around the country. The police have been involved and the majority of organizers/participants in the protests appear to have cooperated with law enforcement. Even Occupy Baltimore, which drew national media attention for a policy that seemed to discourage victims of sexual violence from going to police, has mostly redeemed itself, at least in Jezebel’s eyes.


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