Mitt Romney v. Herman Cain?

I cheerfully admit to being completely wrong about it being a two-man race between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. But then, I did tell you polls were useless.

Nonetheless, I’m still unwilling to buy Herman Cain as a serious candidate. Besides the regressive nature of the 9-9-9 plan and it’s general condemnation by even conservative analysts, there’s the ad. Yes, that ad.

I’m not even that bothered by the smoking – although my working conspiracy theory on this is that it’s actually paid for by the tobacco companies – but the editing! The unmotivated zooms! The jerky cuts! What kind of example is this setting for people trying to learn how to do good video editing for multimedia classes? Huh?

Even if it was blatantly low budget, they could’ve done a better job on the editing!

Apparently, the ad appealed to most of the people it was intended to appeal to. A new poll shows that a majority of Tea Party supporters liked or loved the smoking ad. Since that’s Herman Cain’s target base of supporters, I guess he did well? Except, wait. By majority, we’re talking “six of ten” and many Tea Party supporters already support Herman Cain, so…

Interestingly, this was an online survey – but they used “various methods” to get a good representative sample as in a random survey. This is truly the future of polling. Get excited.


One Response to Mitt Romney v. Herman Cain?

  1. Rick Perry never stood a chance. He relied too much on his “presidential looks” but showed that he didn’t know much of anything in the debates. Herman Cain is a nobody but has big piles of cash to spend on the campaign that he’s gotten by selling his soul to the Koch brothers. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Kochs are the Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader of the business world. Romney has the best chance out of the 3 to win, although I’m more of a Ron Paul guy myself.

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