Revolution PAC: Best campaign ads of the season

There’s something a little depressing about the huge floods of money pouring into Super PACs that are totally not co-ordinating with the candidates. But hey, at least we’ve gotten some entertaining campaign ads thanks to these political action committees that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.

Take, for example, Revolution PAC. This PAC, which supports Ron Paul’s campaign, has produced the most hilarious ads of the campaign cycle. Just watch.

Priceless. My favorite part is evil scientist Perry forcibly vaccinating young girls.

What more can you ask for from a campaign ad? Truth and honesty? In comparison to some other campaign ads, this ad is unblemished. About the most outrageous claim is that “everything that Ron Paul predicted is coming true” – but hey, apparently Time thinks Ron Paul can and has predicted the future before. Whether or not Romney and Perry are shills for the big banks is largely a matter of interpretation…

I first saw that ad air during one of the earlier Republican debates (when Perry was still in the race) and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Revolution PAC also has another, more serious (but really, still amusing), ad. The “Plastic Men” one might have briefly mentioned Paul’s stance on the wars, but this focuses exclusively on that issue. “Armed Chinese Troops in Texas” is fairly ominous-sounding and the ad itself tries to convey a sense of doom.

This ad has more than 900,000 views on the Revolution PAC Youtube channel – making it their most watched video.


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