Tools for Tracking the 2012 Race

You have your Politico and your Drudge Report and your Instapundit and your Gawker and your Mother Jones and your lamestream media.

There’s also RealClearPolitics, whose poll database is quite impressive. I especially like to look at the extremely bumpy, crazy-looking graph of the national poll numbers for the GOP presidential candidates over the course of this primary. It’s pretty entertaining. And you get to reflect on all the different not-Romney front runners we’ve enjoyed.

The lovely Nate Silver on his FiveThirtyEight blog over at the New York Times has consistent, solid analysis of the numbers. I especially appreciate how he breaks down possible scenarios for delegate totals for each candidate.

But where can you get all the campaign ad spending numbers by candidates and Super PACs alike? Well, I’m quite enamored of the Washington Post’s Mad Money interactive feature. Check it out. Not only do you get all the campaign ads being run by candidates and Super PACs – you also get a good idea of where the money is being spent, what the ads typically focus on and who’s going negative (the Super PACs, not the candidates).

I’ve also found this random calendar site fairly useful. It tells me there is, unfortunately, only one more debate currently scheduled for March 19 in Portland. This makes me sad… Perhaps, as the primary continues to drag on, the candidates will agree to more debates! A girl can dream, right?


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