The “Cool” Factor

Seriously? An ad based on criticizing the president for being too cool? COOL PEOPLE ARE MORE ELECTABLE.

It’s a principle we learned in elementary school and it’s held true since then. The first half of this ad is definitely more likely to make people vote for Obama.

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General election ads begin with gas prices

Now that Santorum is out, Gingrich is being pretty much ignored and Paul continues to be ignored… it’s time for the Romney folks and all the super PACs to focus their attention on Obama. Romney and his supporters have already run ads targeting Obama but now we’ll start to see even more. So far, the focus has been on energy and gas prices.

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Weirdest and creepiest ads of 2012 (so far?)

We all fondly remember the strangeness of Heman Cain’s campaign manager smoking┬áin an ad. But, did you know, Cain is still making crazy ads?

Not for his campaign (since that died a while ago) but for Cain Solutions, the group he started up a while ago. The “Sick of Stimulus” theme has inspired such gems as the dying goldfish and, more recently, the murdered rabbit.

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