Weirdest and creepiest ads of 2012 (so far?)

We all fondly remember the strangeness of Heman Cain’s campaign manager smoking in an ad. But, did you know, Cain is still making crazy ads?

Not for his campaign (since that died a while ago) but for Cain Solutions, the group he started up a while ago. The “Sick of Stimulus” theme has inspired such gems as the dying goldfish and, more recently, the murdered rabbit.

It’s very… odd. And pretty darn creepy, really.

But Cain isn’t the only one capable of making weird ads – Rick Santorum has stepped up to the plate in order to fill the gap left by Cain. Most of his ads are pretty typical – but there is one that got quite a bit of attention.

Spoooky. If that doesn’t make you vote for Santorum… well, you’re probably a socialist. Or something.


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