Rick Perry’s new political campaign

The target? Missouri businesses.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears in television ads paid for by TexasOne, an economic development marketing non-profit he helped start. The ad is airing in St. Louis, Springfield and Columbia-Jefferson City.

The message? Texas is better for businesses – less regulation, no income tax, more incentives.

States market themselves and compete with each other to be the “best” for a company to locate in all the time. The difference here, though, is the public nature of Perry’s pitch to businesses. At least that’s the issue Missouri’s Secretary of State Jason Kander emphasized in an interview for MDN/KMOX, calling Perry out for “poaching” jobs and trying to “depress Missouri’s economy.”

“A governor of one state is publicly trying to hurt our state’s economy so that he might lure away businesses,” Kander said.

He noted there was a big difference between privately recruiting businesses in the way Missouri and other states frequently do and a public ad blitz. Perry has previously done similar campaigns in other states with Democratic governors, including Illinois and New York.

Interestingly enough, one Missouri radio station has refused to run Perry’s ad, according to the Associated Press.

Perry will also be pushing Texas’ advantages in a visit to the state on August 29. He’ll be meeting with supporters of the tax cut bill vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon earlier this year.


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