No infighting here, folks

The Missouri House Republicans appear to have agreed to forgive and move forward, according to news reports about a Friday meeting of the majority of the “flimsy 15.”

Springfield News-Leader’s Jonathan Shorman reports that Speaker Tim Jones has reached out to the groups of Republican representatives who voted against the tax cut bill override. From his story:

Since then, the speaker has been reaching out to the group. Morris said he spoke with Jones on the phone for about 35 minutes Thursday night. He also said other members have spoken with the speaker as well.

“He really wants to help us in any way possible, and he’s willing to go forward,” Morris said. “I think the agreement today is we need to go forward, we need to work together.”

So while for a short period there it looked like the Republican party in Missouri might implode (to be way too dramatic about it), no such meltdown actually happened.

The meeting came about as a result of an invitation from Rep. Lynn Morris, R-Nixa, to the other Republicans who voted against an override. In the letter, Morris wrote:

“For me, unless I get a personal apology and a handwritten statement to the media, I will not be able to forgive the Speaker at this time”

Not sure those conditions were met, but it looks like Morris has been able to move on anyway.

According to Shorman’s story, the Morris said a possible way forward was to do a tax cut in three or four smaller bills. While that might protect against the kind of “mistakes” that contributed to HB 253’s failure, it’s not inconceivable to think it may also make compromises more difficult and, if Gov. Jay Nixon vetoes one or all element, an interdependent array of bills might face a difficult override vote.

I’m working on a story looking forward at what the next session’s tax cut bill might look like for Missouri Business Alert, so it’ll be interesting to see what decisions or directions all the different players are going to push for in the next session.


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