Mizzou Honor Medal Winner Charles Lewis Investigative

“Go out and investigate the bastards!”

That’s how Charles Lewis, investigative reporter and the founder of the Center for Public Integrity, ended his talk at the Missouri School of Journalism on Oct. 29, 2013. He was there to accept a Missouri Honor Medal for his achievements.

He spent some time talking about his past work and future book slated for publication in 2014. The driver behind several of these efforts – the Iraq War investigations into military contracts, the behemoth project chronicling 935 false statements by public officials about the war, and the book The Future of Truth: Power, the News Media and the Public’s Right to Know – was Lewis’ reaction to the complete lack of truth available in the Iraq War. In 2005, after the invasion, he said he remembers some polling that showed 60 percent of Americans still thought there really had been WMD in Iraq.

“So you’re a journalist, but information doesn’t matter anymore,” Lewis said. “So instead of going to a shrink, I decided to go deep.

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‘Fix the Debt’ ads run in Missouri

The Missouri chapter of the national ‘Fix the Debt’ group has some pretty high profile members. Former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond, former Gov. Bob Holden chair the committee and current state treasurer Clint Zweifel and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder are listed as steering committee members.

The group plans to run part of the ad campaign targeted at the current budget standoff in Congress in Missouri and nine other states, according to the St. Louis Beacon. Missouri and the others were chosen partially because of their bipartisan, active steering committee members.

The ‘Fix the Debt’ group evolved out of the famously failed 2010 debt reduction plan produced by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. I believe that was the beginning of the long-running (still-running?) “Gang” era, when groups of legislators were likened to criminals because it sounds cool.

The ad itself is actually… kind of bland.

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Digression: My new hobby

You might have noticed I’ve been tweeting about beer lately. Specifically, random beers purchased at International Taphouse in Columbia. After I’d been a few times to try a couple new beverages with cool names, their seriously impressive selection of beers and fun atmosphere inspired me to become a regular.

A friend suggested I should blog about the different beers I’d tried but an entire blog post seemed a bit much for my novice palate, so I decided microblogging would do. How hard can it be to write 140 characters about a beer chosen at random or because of the cool name?

Thus, my #parttimejob as a #beercritic of all things iTap was born. I’ve compiled together my tweets here in a Storify post that I’ll keep updated as I try new brews. It’s all part of my effort to become a beer and/or food snob.

Of course, I’ll probably not achieve my goal of trying all 500+ beers before I leave Columbia, since I only make it there about once a week and can usually only drink two beers (yes, I am a lightweight, your point?). But it’ll be fun while it lasts. Plus, I get to drink cool stuff like “Gulden Draak” and “Myrcenary” so it’s all worth it.

Lt. Gov. Kinder and House Speaker release statements on Maryville case

Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, released this statement on the case reported by the Kansas City Star of charges being dropped in an alleged sexual assault in Maryville:

 “As one of many who has now learned the details of this shocking story, I reacted with disbelief at what appears to be an absence of justice in the Daisy Coleman case. My heart goes out to Daisy and her family for all they have endured,” said Jones, R-Eureka. “While our attorney general has already stated he has no authority to intervene in this matter, I firmly believe he is empowered to do so under state statute 27.060. I am calling on him to utilize his authority to intervene in this matter so that we can be confident that justice is served.”

Jones added, “The people of Missouri deserve elected officials who will seek to uphold the laws of our state when it appears injustice has prevailed, and I sincerely hope Attorney General Koster will do all he can to stand in defense of those who have been victimized by crimes.”

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder also released a statement on the case:

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