Digression: My new hobby

You might have noticed I’ve been tweeting about beer lately. Specifically, random beers purchased at International Taphouse in Columbia. After I’d been a few times to try a couple new beverages with cool names, their seriously impressive selection of beers and fun atmosphere inspired me to become a regular.

A friend suggested I should blog about the different beers I’d tried but an entire blog post seemed a bit much for my novice palate, so I decided microblogging would do. How hard can it be to write 140 characters about a beer chosen at random or because of the cool name?

Thus, my #parttimejob as a #beercritic of all things iTap was born. I’ve compiled together my tweets here in a Storify post that I’ll keep updated as I try new brews. It’s all part of my effort to become a beer and/or food snob.

Of course, I’ll probably not achieve my goal of trying all 500+ beers before I leave Columbia, since I only make it there about once a week and can usually only drink two beers (yes, I am a lightweight, your point?). But it’ll be fun while it lasts. Plus, I get to drink cool stuff like “Gulden Draak” and “Myrcenary” so it’s all worth it.


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