‘Fix the Debt’ ads run in Missouri

The Missouri chapter of the national ‘Fix the Debt’ group has some pretty high profile members. Former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond, former Gov. Bob Holden chair the committee and current state treasurer Clint Zweifel and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder are listed as steering committee members.

The group plans to run part of the ad campaign targeted at the current budget standoff in Congress in Missouri and nine other states, according to the St. Louis Beacon. Missouri and the others were chosen partially because of their bipartisan, active steering committee members.

The ‘Fix the Debt’ group evolved out of the famously failed 2010 debt reduction plan produced by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. I believe that was the beginning of the long-running (still-running?) “Gang” era, when groups of legislators were likened to criminals because it sounds cool.

The ad itself is actually… kind of bland.

We’ve got two talking heads – Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, who chaired the aforementioned committee and eventually created this group – with a white background. There’s no fear mongering or apocalyptic statements here. Just standard criticism of “these politicians are playing games, jerking our country around” and an appeal to check out their website.

“Tell Washington it’s long past time to fix this debt,” Simpson says at the end.

“You bet,” adds Simpson. That exchange pretty much sums up the tone.


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