New Media and Building a Brand

I had the pleasure of listening to Brian Stetler, current Reliable Sources host and former New York Times media writer, talk a total of three times in one week while he was visiting Mizzou.

I hadn’t really heard of him beyond vaguely remembering the news of his hiring by the New York Times in 2007, plus his appearance in the Page One documentary about the Times. So getting to hear him talk about how he started the blog that launched his career was a pretty neat experience.

Probably the biggest takeaway for me was his advice that media is actually under covered – and that anyone could do what he did. Also, he said he wouldn’t have tried to cover all of cable news but instead focus on one channel, like Al-Jazeera.

“I think it took off because it was filling a void in the marketplace,” Stetler said. “I’d much rather be the only person working on some other story.”

I live tweeted parts of Stetler’s talk, and particularly found this exchange pretty funny.

Eli Yokley started covering Missouri politics when he was in his teens and started PoliticMo, a blog recognized by the Washington Post’s the Fix for its coverage of state politics, in 2010 – at 18.


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