Missouri business groups pile on

Just heard a new radio ad supporting the override of Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the income tax-cut bill from a national business group.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce hosted Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the St. Louis area yesterday.

Some local chambers – at least in Springfield and Columbia – have decided to oppose an override of the tax-cut veto.  The St. Louis Regional Chamber hasn’t taken a stand either way.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Voice of Free Enterprise affiliate has been supporting the efforts to override the veto along with the Missouri Chamber and Grow Missouri. They released a new ad on August 6, which you can listen to here.

Radio Ad – NFIB VFE

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The “Cool” Factor

Seriously? An ad based on criticizing the president for being too cool? COOL PEOPLE ARE MORE ELECTABLE.

It’s a principle we learned in elementary school and it’s held true since then. The first half of this ad is definitely more likely to make people vote for Obama.

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General election ads begin with gas prices

Now that Santorum is out, Gingrich is being pretty much ignored and Paul continues to be ignored… it’s time for the Romney folks and all the super PACs to focus their attention on Obama. Romney and his supporters have already run ads targeting Obama but now we’ll start to see even more. So far, the focus has been on energy and gas prices.

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Weirdest and creepiest ads of 2012 (so far?)

We all fondly remember the strangeness of Heman Cain’s campaign manager smoking in an ad. But, did you know, Cain is still making crazy ads?

Not for his campaign (since that died a while ago) but for Cain Solutions, the group he started up a while ago. The “Sick of Stimulus” theme has inspired such gems as the dying goldfish and, more recently, the murdered rabbit.

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Ads from the Bayou

The Louisiana primary is tomorrow! Looks like Santorum has the edge there, leading Romney in the most recent poll by 14 points.

Unlike previous races, the advertising expenditures are pretty even. Romney apparently doesn’t care enough to spend a bundle, but the Super PAC supporting him spent about $600,000 and the Red, White and Blue Fund, which supports Rick Santorum, has spent just under $500,000 to advertise in Louisiana. Read more of this post

McCaskill Ad Wars continue

I was totally going to write about something else, but there’s a new anti-McCaskill ad that’s just too good to pass on.

Take a look at the amazing, clever framing in this ad:

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Tools for Tracking the 2012 Race

You have your Politico and your Drudge Report and your Instapundit and your Gawker and your Mother Jones and your lamestream media.

There’s also RealClearPolitics, whose poll database is quite impressive. I especially like to look at the extremely bumpy, crazy-looking graph of the national poll numbers for the GOP presidential candidates over the course of this primary. It’s pretty entertaining. And you get to reflect on all the different not-Romney front runners we’ve enjoyed. Read more of this post